We set focus on user experience and customer value in order to simplify everyday life for our customers. The Tripletex playbook describes how we work and what we believe in. We believe that culture eats process for breakfast and to succeed we create a culture that empowers our employees.

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The core principles describe what we believe in and guide us in our daily work.

core-principles core-principles

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Our teams are cross-functional product teams and each team consist of these roles.



The core workflow describe how we work.


Core principles explained

Feel the pain

Feel the pain

To maximise the customer value we deliver, you must place yourself in the customers perspective and understand how they work and interact with our product. We must feel the pain of the customer experience to be able to come up with innovative and user friendly solutions. Be an advocate of the end user and share your learnings.

Explore and prioritize

Explore and prioritize

Explore the problem first, then explore the solution. Exploration is about opening up as much as possible and then making choices. Unite and commit on the choices made together with stakeholders.

Build measure learn

Build - measure - learn

Build - measure - learn is a learning and feedback loop for establishing how valuable a product, service or idea is, and doing this as efficiently as possible. Build as small valuable elements as possible, test things early to get the feedback loop as short as possible in order to learn and measure the customer value.

continuous improvement

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is not an event or a meeting, but a mindset. We can always improve ourselves, our team, our way of working and our culture. The teams need to continuously assess themselves to improve team work, the value of what they are delivering, how efficient they are working and other topics of importance.



We empower you and your team to make your own decisions and use good judgement in all situations. You are empowered to solve problems and then validate the outcome. Be bold, be brave, be curious!

Be proud, show and tell

Be proud, show and tell!

We believe that showing what we are building early on will inspire and get great feedback from stakeholders. This is a very important part of delivering the right thing to our customers. Be transparent and proud!

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Core team explained

Product owner
Product owner

Product owner

Customer & client focus
Understand and anticipate client needs
Has deep knowledge of the market and competitors
Communicate team recruitment needs
Manage the product backlog
Communicate cross team dependencies
Balance new features vs product maintenance
Create a priritized list of backlog items
Defines team vision and goals
Keeps product aligned with business goals
Communiccates with internal stakeholders to understand business objectives
Create a product roadmap
Priritize needs
Consider and understands what the customer needs
Prioritize and communicate the teams work
Consider needs and objective of stakeholders
Evaluates product progress
Is accountable for the end result of the product in every delivery
Verifies customer impact and value of a delivery
Determines if th final product meets requirements and goals

Team lead

Ensure competence in team
Coach team members
Communicate team members training needs
Communicate team recruitment needs
Participate in interviews
Responsible for the teams deliveries
Coordinate cross team deliveries
Delegate tasks and set release dates
Ensure efficient and secure deliveries with high quality
Ensure a positive team culture
Create an inspiring team environment with open communication
Convey Tripletex values and visions
Suggest and organize team building activities
Implement the teams development process
Ensure an efficient everyday workflow
Facilitate necessary meetings and workshops
Ensure continious improvement of the team
Oversee technology preparedness in the team
Ensure a high quality, maintainable, efficient and developer friendly code base
Prioritize technically debt and refactoring needs

Tech lead

Drive pragmatic solutions to difficult tasks
Influence and coach other developers to implement great solutions
A Tech Lead is pragmatic and solution-oriented
Manage technology preparedness
Ensure high quality code reviews, and coach others to do the same
Manage a high quality, secure, maintainable, efficient and developer friendly code base
Manage technical debt
Involved in implementing best practices
Communicate and implement best practices in team
Be involved in creating best practices cross teams
Keeps up to date with trends and best practices
Map technology to customer value
Communicate how existing and new technology can create customer value
Communicate technology possibillities an restrictions to stakeholders





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Our teams

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Team delivery rocket

Team delivery rocket Deliverables Roadmap Maintenance Technical improvements Product improvements Team

Team delivery rocket

The team is responsible for powering this rocket to deliver value to the customers.

All team members are on board, always. The team needs to balance what they do between different types of tasks.

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Core workflow explained

Strategic level

On a strategic level we set the direction and purpose, the leading star to follow when we decide on what to implement. The team should set their own goals to meet the overall company OKRs and overall vision.

Input: Company OKRs and Vision
Output: Team goals

Strategic level


Prioritization level is about bridging the strategic goals of the team with deliverables. Prioritize the areas/features based on value and cost. Be open and explore before you set the roadmap together with stakeholders.

Input: Team goals
Output: Roadmap

Prioritization level


Implementation level is our day to day work. Based on epics we divide into tasks and implement continuously to get value into production. A task is done when its intended customer value is verified in production.

Input: Roadmap
Output: Customer value

Implementation level
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